Ripple CEO Denies Crypto Leaks Claims On Funding Law Firm To Target Competitors

Kyle Roche and the CEO of Ripple allegedly had communicated about funding a law firm that would file lawsuits against rival com...
September 6, 2022

XRPL Validators Vote On XLS-20 Amendment For NFT

The voting for XLS-20 amendment has already begun with XRPL validators to support native non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according ...
September 5, 2022

XRP Bullish Trade: Spiked By 10%

Before July ended, XRP was trading right at $0.40471. This figure was one of the biggest one-day percentage gains of crypto sin...
August 9, 2022

SEC Is Quietly Cracking Down On Crypto As Price Of XRP Recover

The Crypto world is back in the game! These past few weeks, XRP soared 2.1% while giant names such as Bitcoin jumped to 4.2% an...
August 8, 2022

Ripple Lawsuit Caused XRP Price Fall

Last June 21, XRP crashed down by 2.40%. As it reversed a 0.99% gain, the crypto made it at $0.3580 end of the day. With the US...
August 3, 2022

Ripple Collaborates with Middle East Largest Bank to Promote XRP Utility

RippleNet decided to sign an agreement with the largest financial institution in the Middle East known as QNB Group. The partne...
August 2, 2022

SEC Can’t Block XRP Holders from Helping in Ripple’s Legal Battle

Last Tuesday (July 26), U.S Securities and Exchange Commission failed to put an end to  “amici curiae” status ...
August 1, 2022

Is Ripple Starting To Recover 2022?

Ripple, also known for its XRP ledger, has finally started to recover. Bringing light to its current case against the Security ...
July 6, 2022

Ripple Prediction 2022: What To Expect?

The blockchain industry has taken the metaverse by storm ever since it started. Especially XRP or also known as Ripple, is stre...
July 5, 2022

XRP Vs. ADA: Which Can Outwit Crypto Winter?

Cryptocurrency is the latest craze in global finance, with so many newcomers joining the industry that it has become a competit...
July 4, 2022